It has been a whole month since Dungeon Economy was launched on 13th September. Thanks for all support and trust from the community! Hope you’ve been enjoying it and we are keeping optimizing it.

There are six eras in Dungeon Economy, please check below for more information.

1. Weapon Era

Dear GameNFT community:

In response to the policy and regulatory requirements of different countries and regions, GameNFT Operation Center decided to adjust the service area. GameNFT will stop providing services for users in mainland China and will stop IP access for users in mainland China shortly.

For the latest progress of the GameNFT project, please follow us:


GameNFT adheres to the consistent principle of compliant operation and abides by local policies and regulations. In compliance with regulations, GameNFT will continue to promote the establishment of the GameNFT chain game distribution platform and related game ecology on the platform. Thank you for your support!

GameNFT Operation Center
September 30, 2021

Dear Communities:

GameNFT will publish biweekly reports from now on so that all members can keep abreast of the latest progress of GameNFT!

Please check below our first biweekly report! Enjoy!

Thanks for support!

Official Announcement!

GameNFT’s first game Dungeon Economy will be officially launched on 13th September!

Game online countdown: 3 days!

As the world’s first decentralized economy sandbox game based on GAME+DEFI+NFT, Dungeon Economy creates a deflationary virtual world.

A dual mining mode of liquidity + “demon hunting” will be on once the game is released.

Dungeon Economy is a monster-based system, in this game, the “monster” is the gold in the dungeon, the “hero” is the miner, the “weapon” is the pickaxe, and “hunting and killing monsters” is mining!

Game NFT is a game distribution platform in GameFi track and is committed to becoming the Steam in the GameFi field.

Stay tuned! Come and have fun on 13th September!

GNFT Liquidity Mining Details

1. Daily mining output: 5000 GNFT/day, for 90 days, 450,000 GNFT in total

2. Liquidity Mining Pool: GNFT-BNB CAKE-V2 LP

3. Mining Calculation: total mining reward of one user= the user’s staking amount/total staking amount*mining pool output*Hash rate

DEC Inviting Reward

1. DEC is BEP20 token…

According to official sources, GameNFT’s first Game+DeFi+NFT sandbox game “Dungeon Economy” will be launched soon, hereby selected from September 8th 0:00 to September 10th 23:59 (UTC+8) Take a random snapshot of the number of wallet GNFT holdings, and airdrop weapons to users who hold a certain number of GNFTs. Among them:

GNFT≥2000, airdrop Silver blind box;
GNFT≥5000, airdrop Diamond blind box.

Weapons are an important part of the weapon era of “Dungeon Economy”. Users can use weapons to hunt monsters to obtain GNFT. At the same time, weapons, as NFT assets in the game, can also be traded in the NFT trading section.

Stay tuned!

We Are Glad To Announce our next AMA On 1ST SEPTEMBER AT 3 PM UTC


🏠 VENUE : @CryptoChallengersD

Speaker : SONIC



Segment 1 : Introduction,
Host will ask guest Some introduction (Basic)

Segment 2 : Twitter Questions

Post your question in the comments section of this tweet

Segment 3 : Chat Will Open For 60 sec. You can post your questions at that time. 5 Questions will be selected & gets Rewards


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