About StarPalace

Game NFT
3 min readMay 27, 2021


StarPalace is a pan-entertainment NFT product distribution and trading platform that supports ERC20, 721 and 1155 asset protocols, uses the StarkExchange trading engine and the Ether Layer 2 asset trading module, and strives to connect various industries such as games, music and art with NFT to meet users’ needs for entertainment and circulation of digital assets.

In traditional brick-and-mortar stores like GameStop, it is common for players to resell the games they own. But in digital stores like Steam, players cannot resell their games due to the threat of digital rights protection (DRM) and piracy. However, using blockchain technology to verify all user behavior on the chain allows users to not only purchase games, but also resell games and game assets and receive a portion of the rewards and further desire to continue purchasing and spending. On the other hand, the mainstream gaming community (both players and developers) also lacked a window into the blockchain, and mass traffic was never really imported.

The StarPalace founding team recognizes and understands this new industry opportunity. We, as veterans of the global gaming industry, have a deeper understanding and ability to execute on how to bring gameplay concepts into the platform business model and even incubate a large number of blockchain digital games and other forms of entertainment through the platform. We want to remove the barriers for traditional game players to enter the development of existing mainstream public chains and enter the market with our rich experience and resources in related industries, focusing on providing a one-stop integrated service with zero friction between users and developers, and aiming to become a compatible open system in the blockchain and game worlds. Our players will be able to download games, buy games, recommend games, review games, buy and sell digital goods, participate in game mining, play games together with global players, and discover and create games together on the StarPalace platform.

In addition to game distribution and asset trading, StarPalace is also a distributed community of high-quality players. The team sees community exchange as an important building direction, warming up cold digital transactions into human-to-human communication, and creating an active circulation ecology with the previous gamification gameplay.

In StarPalace’s preliminary plan, we will work to create a decentralized entertainment store, deepen users’ understanding of blockchain games and digital NFT assets through rich and interesting gameplay, accelerate the liberation of the productivity of the game industry through blockchain technology on the basis of the existing production and consumption mode of the game industry, and make mainstream people more accepting of blockchain games and enjoy zero-friction user experience. At the same time, we are willing to take on the challenges of integration, friction and development of different industries.

We hope that someday in the future, when StarPalace builds a new game ecosystem with blockchain and passwords and becomes more mature, more related industries and innovative products will join in continuously, and developers will directly face game players to build an infinite cycle ecosystem together to motivate users and realize spontaneous growth of users.