Features of Game NFT Platform-02

Game NFT
2 min readJun 16, 2021

2 Innovative Features

① Economic model innovation

The game products on Game NFT platform will adopt the parallel mechanism of payment pass-through and equity pass-through, and the platform token Stars and game NFT will cooperate with each other to enhance the circulation speed of various game assets, making the game asset transaction more convenient and fast.

② Business Model Innovation

In the traditional game industry, a large number of game developers whose profits are compressed by channels are living in a poor environment. As a decentralized game distribution and trading platform, Game NFT creates new profit points and profit-sharing methods based on digital currency, giving more profits from the games to game developers and encouraging them to produce more quality game works. The platform itself can get revenue from another dimension (such as transaction fees).

③ Innovation in Distribution and Operation

Changing the game distribution and operation method that traditional game products rely heavily on centralized game channel providers to channel traffic, Game NFT will adopt the mining incentive to encourage players to attract traffic and participate in the ecological construction of the platform independently.

④ Innovation of organization form

The core goal of Game NFT is to build a game distribution community loved by players, and will gradually transition to the governance mechanism of [Foundation + Distributed Community] in the future. The community will be motivated by Stars, and global players will collaborate spontaneously on the platform in a distributed way, so that every player who contributes to the game platform can get revenue and increase the motivation of user participation.

⑤ Digital Asset Rights

The Game NFT team recognizes that all matters related to property rights are based on realistic legal basis first, and any form of property rights without legal basis is only an illusion. Property rights itself is only a social contractual force, which is also the pain point of most NFT or other forms of digital assets. In order to solve this problem, the platform will actively build a credible infrastructure related to the copyright of digital assets, greatly enhance the value of digital assets, and establish a collaborative administrative-judicial-industrial source and standardized governance for the digital assets of Game NFT’s products.