Features of Game NFT Platform-01

Game NFT
2 min readJun 16, 2021

1. Basic Features

While ensuring the platform is safe, stable and open, Game NFT will do its utmost to provide users with high-quality games and digital assets, not only lowering the threshold for game trading and bringing a more friendly and ultimate entertainment experience, but also creating a free and shared trading environment for users and becoming the preferred circulation center for players.

We will ensure that the Game NFT platform has the following features:

① High speed: stable and reliable network, low latency for various game logins and real-time interactions.

② Low cost: reduced gas fees for digital assets, open and transparent, which can be easily afforded by ordinary users.

③ Self-hosted platform: game assets are completely owned by users, and any attribute NFT is freely traded.

④ Easy to use: provide a comfortable and smooth experience: simple interface, convenient and reasonable operation.

⑤ Support for multiple mainstream wallets: support for multiple wallets, fast access to the global mainstream digital gaming asset ecosystem.

Game NFT adopts the most concise and effective technical solution as the infrastructure to try to solve the problem that blockchain games have long been limited by the low performance and high cost of blockchain network, which makes it difficult to carry the circulation of high-frequency scale transactions. The incubated NFT game will also improve the built-in prop trading liquidity, broaden the exchange and trading channels, and let users have a high degree of freedom to decide on digital assets. The game assets on the chain are more conducive to safe and convenient transactions, and all assets are open and transparent.