Five Q&A to know us better

1. How will Game NFT ensure that the NFTs are their rightful owners ?

Game NFT DRM (Digital Rights Management) is an extremely important part of the platform, which is used to confirm the ownership of games and ensure that the functions work properly before launching the games. Game NFT DRM uses blockchain technology for anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy.

2. Can the seller set how much he/she want to sell the NFT ?

The seller determines how much they want to sell their NFT assets in the ecosystem. Please read this article to know more details

3. It seems to be commonplace in this ecosystem that digital assets on various gaming platforms remain locked in user’s accounts. Will Game NFT be any different in this regard?

That brings up a good point and it’s something we set out on improving from the get go. Game NFT is certainly unique in this regard; sellers have the freedom to both use and sell their digital assets as they see fit.

4. how will you motivate the community?

The community will be motivated by GNFT, and global players will collaborate spontaneously on the platform in a distributed way, so that every player who contributes to the game platform can get revenue and increase the motivation of user participation.

5. How to earn NFTs in Game NFT?

“There’s actually a large variety of ways to earn NFTs including but not limited to:

*Simply playing the game

*Being one of the first 1000 users on the platform



*Knowledge quizes



The quality and desirability of the NFTs will depend on the level of each user’s participation in the ecosystem.”

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