Former NBA Vice President Sam Li Officially Joins the GameNFT Advisory Team

Game NFT
2 min readSep 2, 2021

On September 2, Sam Li, the former vice president of the NBA, officially became an advisor to GameNFT. As an investor and consultant in early technology startups, Sam invested and participated as a special advisor for more than 60 startup projects. Among his representative well-known projects, there are leading coins CHZ, TSX, SHI in blockchain and sports industry.

In addition to the former vice president of the NBA, Sam is also the international head of China’s Sina Sports and Weibo Sports. In addition, Sam and the founders of startups have extensive experience in cooperation on strategy, network, fundraising, transaction procurement and legal issues. The main vertical areas include fan participation, broadcasting technology, media content, blockchain (encryption-related platforms such as fan tokens, NFTs), e-sports, gambling and sports, athletes, and health and wellness.

“The GameFi field has developed rapidly recently and will become an important member of game&media industry in the future. GameNFT hopes to become GameFi’s Steam and build a platform to provide all-round services for the GameFi project. I believe this represents an important area in the growth of the industry, with great growth space and potential”, said Sam.

Sam’s participation will give heavyweight support and help in GameNFT’s product strategy and overseas business cooperation.