Game-NFT: A new era of chain games where players and developers coexist

Game NFT
6 min readAug 26, 2021


According to relevant data, the user scale and growth rate of the global game market have continued to show a slow downward trend since 2008. Especially during the four years from 2017 to 2020, the growth rate of global game user scale has been continuously low, and the market saturation has become more and more obvious. Meanwhile, the growth rate of real revenue in the game market is declining slowly. Various signs are sending a signal that the transformation of the traditional game market and business model is imminent.

With the rapid iteration of emerging technologies like block chain around the world, it brings the hope of breaking through the development bottleneck to the game market. According to Google, the number of global searches of “block chain games” has increased by about 203% since late May this year. “Block chain games” is launching a new round of change to the global game market with exponential popularity.

01 What is Game-NFT?

Game-NFT, which is positioned as a decentralized pan entertainment NFT product distribution and trading platform developed by block chain, has creatively injected the block chain NFT gene into traditional games, making them have unprecedented mode and technical experience innovation. The news that it will start IDO at the end of this month makes Game-NFT one of the high-profile focuses in the wave of game market reform.

GameNFT is a decentralized pan entertainment NFT game promotion and trading platform based on blockchain, injecting block chain NFT gene into traditional games, making them have richer characteristics and providing more possibilities for the circulation of digital assets. GameNFT will launch its own NFT game series products and build a distributed high-quality player community. NFT + game+community aims to heat up cold digital transaction into the communication between people and create an active circulation ecology cooperating with previous game playing methods.

02 Pain points in the market of block chain industry

1. Affected by the performance of public block chain, the throughput of the block chain game infrastructure is insufficient.

2. At present, most block chain games have disadvantages of poor playability and low game quality;

3. For most traditional games, their life cycle only lasts about 3–5 months, which largely stems from the extreme dependence of traditional games on innovative content, and on this basis, they have formed a long-term one-way output and consumption mode with players, making them vulnerable;

4. Driven by the commercial pursuit of interests, the life cycle of games often goes down from their birth.

03 Solutions of Game-NFT

For example, in terms of throughput that restricts the development of games for a long time, Game-NFT makes use of the fine-grained control of block data and good parallel processing optimization of grass-roots block chain infrastructure so that the architecture of Game-NFT can support second-level confirmation time and strong transaction throughput. At the same time, thanks to the cross chain mechanism of grass-roots block chain infrastructure, Game-NFT can provide data services for the whole NFT ecosystem and realize the transfer and inter working of multi-category NFT assets.

Supported by various technical advantages, Game-NFT allows players to normally cast, trade and import NFT assets on the platform. At the same time, some mature self-developed game works with NFT digital assets after block chain technical transformation are introduced for trial sales and operation. Obviously, under the huge popularization in the field of block chain games, Game-NFT is trying to create a transformation specification of NFT game as a platform, which can not only help more game development teams easily integrate into the block chain industry, but also establish a typical case of a transformational pan entertainment digital asset distribution and trading platform.

With the innovative support of DeFi and NFT, the infrastructure of the block chain game industry has been continuously improved. On this basis, Game-NFT creatively creates a complete game ecology for the industry, provides rich and high-quality game functions for game developers and players, and enables players to change from traditional consumers to investors through game digital assets. Players can enjoy benefits while playing games. In terms of game content, a high-quality content ecology is built through effective person-to-person cooperation among communities.

For example, as a role-playing game of DNF exploration, the first work Tales of Heroes released by Game-NFT, is the first starting point for many NFT game ecological high-quality products. The game has a rich PVE story line and a balanced PVP battle system. Players can choose to tackle key problems in the main tower dominated by single story, or climb the ranking list in the mode of 3 VS N. In their spare time, they can also visit the towers of their peers and friends to strengthen interactive communication.

Tales of Heroes is completely combined with NFT, such as common equipment, props, materials, trading, etc. Users can conduct various exquisite NFT transactions on the chain, make profits with these props, or equip to enhance the combat effectiveness of characters, experience more game content and obtain more additional rewards. Several games are expected to be launched in the future with sufficient depth. In the future, Game-NFT will open PC end, WEB end and mobile end for users of different carriers, especially focusing on optimizing the mobile end experience.

04 About G-NFT

What is G-NFT?

1. G-NFT is the ecological token of the Game-NFT platform and the most underlying asset in the industry.

2. We hope to establish a new economic model to manage and balance the operating process of Game NFT platform through G-NFT.

3. G-NFT is also part of the ecological incentives, injecting vitality and rights into the platform through irregular dividends or airdrops.

G-NFT Issue Plan

Total 10million GNFT

5% for increasing liquidity;

10% for airdrops;

15% for linear release of 24 months after 6-month lock position;

17% for platform NFT Game Eco Incentive;

43% for game output (Play to Earn);

10% for IDO, total 1million.

05 IDO Data

Total Amount: 1 million

Ordinary Users: 654k (Completed within 37 seconds)

White List: 346k(One hour subscription time. Those 38.5k GNFT not subscribed on time were destroyed to black hole address.)

Contract Address: 0xd32af8BeE4095A84e258a82B512356dFC0A7D2C0

06 The world’s first decentralized economy sandbox game

Introduction: “Dungeon Economy” is the world’s first decentralized economy sandbox game based on GAME+DEFI+NFT. This is a deflationary virtual world. Dungeon Economy is a monster-based system, in this game, the “monster” is the gold in the dungeon, the “hero” is the miner, the “weapon” is the pickaxe, and “hunting and killing monsters” is mining! As the first economic DAPP simulation game on the entire network, it is expected to attract a large number of users to move to the “dungeon”.

Status: To be online soon!


Main consumption and dividend tokens: GNFT+DEC

07 About DEC

Total circulation: 1,000,000 pieces

Main consumption and dividend tokens: GNFT+DEC

No private placement, no pre-mining. All DEC comes from users pledge.

Dungeons Economics (DEC) will be listed on pancake.

08 Future Plans

>> In 2021

Q3: To launch Game-NFT Platform 1.0;

Q4: To officially get GNFT in chain and launch the first self-developed game Tales Of Heroes;

>> In 2022

Q1: To launch our own community and connect to the mainstream blockchain ecosystem;

Q2: To launch Game-NFT Platform 2.0;

09 Prospect

GameNFT is not only a game, but also the whole chain game ecology, including not only YGG guild, but also the chain game ecology for game players, game developers and driving the development of the whole industry. For example, China’s Tencent WeGame, and Steam, one of the world’s largest comprehensive digital distribution platforms. What we need to do is the GameFI version of Steam. Users are allowed to download games, purchase games, evaluate games, trade digital NFTs and participate in game mining with global users on the platform. In the future, we will adopt the governance mechanism of “guild + distributed community” to solve development and operation problems fairly and efficiently. At the same time, we will also create a complete NFT game development package for more developers, and provide standard API interfaces, so that developers can integrate various functions into their own game products, and share development results through the Game NFT community.

We may not be able to make a splash in IDO, but we prefer to make a footprint step by step and present with ease in the process of increasing accumulation!

Game NFT