Game NFT Project Advantages-02

Game NFT
2 min readJun 7, 2021

Upon the launch of the platform, we will release a number of NFT self-developed projects based on the Stars token ecology. The first product “Tales of Heroes” takes the dungeon adventure as the core, with high numerical depth and nurturing dimension, followed by an underground mining pool in the same style.

Issuance rules of Star token:

Total number of tokens issued: 300,000,000 (300 million)

Functions: Platform reward, game incubation, community governance, cross-chain cooperation, etc.

Output allocation mechanism:

Stars allocation mechanism:

1. Early-stage investors and institutions holding: 12.00%

This proportion of Stars token is the value return to the early investors and leading institutions.

2. Market operation: 10.00%

This proportion will be used to promote Stars before its launch, and to give back to the community support to ensure the smooth development of the market operation.

3. Development team holding: 15.00%

The development team holds a certain amount of Stars tokens, which is not only a reward for the team’s efforts, but also a guarantee of the stability of the token price in the market. The team can take out this proportion at any time to stabilize the market.

4. Platform NFT game ecological incentive: 63.00%

This proportion is used to provide incentives and liquidity for the NFT game products (including self-developed and agency cooperation) under Game NFT platform, which will greatly improve the user activity and flow data of NFT games. The methods of acquisition include, but are not limited to, incentives for active users in NFT sales transactions, minting NFT assets and chaining, cross-project linkage to participate in liquidity mining, etc.

(To be continued.)