Game NFT Technical Architecture

Game NFT
3 min readJul 13, 2021


Game NFT uses proven technology solutions that have been tested over time. With the excellent features of Ethernet, the platform can provide smart contracts with high processing power and low latency data services. It can support millions of users in the future, easily recover from bugs and upgrades, as well as good scalability.

1 Technical Architecture and Implementation

1.1 Technical Architecture

1.2 Implementation

① Aggregation

Development Language: golang

Distributed load and storage architecture is adopted to avoid service stoppage due to server failure. It can support millions of aggregation requests per second, and the service supports horizontal scaling, so it can be expanded quickly with business growth. The service calls https protocol and adds authentication and anti-tampering mechanisms to enhance security.

② User Interface

Development Language: php

The backend realizes distributed architecture through load balancing, which can support horizontal expansion, and the frontend adopts vue architecture to separate the front and back ends. Corresponding to CDN service, it can accelerate user loading speed and improve user experience. Using https protocol, it enhance anti-attack capability with high security and WAF.

③ Back-end operation management

Development Language: php

Network isolation through VPC enhances security, and financial-level risk control mechanisms are introduced at the business level to enhance user security.

2 Technical Advantages

① Efficiency

With the fine-grained control of block data and well optimized parallel processing by the grassroots blockchain infrastructure, Game NFT’s architecture can support second-level confirmation times and robust transaction processing throughput rates.

② Compatibility

Based on the cross-chain mechanism of the grassroots blockchain infrastructure, Game NFT can provide data services to the entire NFT ecosystem, enabling the transfer and interoperability of multiple categories of NFT assets.

③ Participation

Users can participate in the global circulation of NFT assets through Game NFT.

④ Convenience

Game NFT provides more efficient and useful services and APIs to facilitate all NFT blockchain applications to call on the services provided by the platform.

3 System Security

①Formation of proprietary security team Professional security team, mature security system and rich experience in protection, providing multi-level three-dimensional protection for Game NFT platform.

② Resist DDoS attacks

Advanced defense algorithm + HTTPS encryption mechanism + massive DDoS cleaning

③ Three-fold system protection system

First: front-end, back-end and database, physical isolation among the three;

Second: two-way encryption of communication and information verification and review mechanism;

Third: multi-site backup mode of the system, instantaneous, smooth and user-sensitive server switching.

④ Sevenfold Audit of Smart Contract

Overflow — Conditional Competition — Permission Control — Security Design — Denial of Service — Gas Optimization — Design Logic, with layer-by-layer gatekeeping.

⑤ Focus on wallet security

Physical defense: separation of hot wallets, cold wallets, and user wallets; software defense: independently developed dedicated wallet tools; defense in depth: multiple audits of wallet code and real-time security program scanning.

⑥ Authoritative security reviews

360 Security Center evaluation certification. The test scope includes the network layer, host system layer, business application layer, as follows.

Web Application Code Audit

① Android/iOS application code audit

② Detection of target assets

③ Automated vulnerability scanning

④ Multi-dimensional security event monitoring

⑤ Simulated attack penetration testing

⑥ Security consulting (fixing advice + security reinforcement)

⑦Synchronized push of security events — Quick stop

⑧Industry trend push — timely detection of peer vulnerabilities

⑨ Big Data in the Cloud — Malicious Data Information Sharing