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2 min readJun 23, 2021


2 Asset Circulation: No digital assets that are difficult to realize

Traditional digital assets can be divided into three major categories:

① Physical assets: refers to the reality of the guarantee of the bulk of offline physical, such as a set of real estate or a car, physical assets need to have a third-party institutions to do the physical itself and NFT guarantee and exchange.

② Internet assets: refers to digital information assets based on the Internet, such as domain names, game accounts, etc. Internet assets also need to be guaranteed and exchanged by Internet companies or public Internet organizations with NFT on a one-to-one basis.

③ Crypto assets: refers to the blockchain network originated and constructed based on cryptography and distributed account technology. Crypto assets naturally have the property of “no intermediary”, such as ethereal domain name ENS, crypto cats, virtual land, etc.

In terms of the speed of asset size development, crypto assets are the fastest growing, followed by internet assets and finally physical assets. As a circulation infrastructure, Game NFT will provide users with all-dimensional services of digital crypto assets and fully release the value of digital assets and multi-industry cooperation. Later, when the infrastructure is perfected and the technology and timing are mature, we will continue to expand the circulation business to other Internet assets and even physical assets.

After entering the game field, we will build the complete game logic in the blockchain network through smart contracts, and express players’ personalized game assets in the form of NFT, and sell the game body and derivative digital assets as the main form of income. By expanding the player base and increasing the popularity of games, more users/players will be able to profit from investing in games on the Game NFT platform.

Not only limited to games, Game NFT will invite other fields, such as games, music, art, sports, animation, film and television, to create a new trend of blockchain crossover by specially customizing co-branded art digital assets. Compared to traditional artworks, digital artworks can be presented in a more flexible and richer style, and it is easier for artists to protect their original rights. The cost of displaying, auctioning and selling crypto artworks on the Game NFT platform will be low, and the rarity of crypto artworks will be more prominent in the process of value transfer. Each digital artwork has a different value and is not only highly collectible, but can also be used as special arithmetic to maximize its value in the platform games that we will launch later.

Due to the development of decentralized financial technology, there are more and more financial derivatives based on digital products. The Game NFT platform supports the circulation of NFT-based financial derivative certificates, and will gradually open the NFT minting platform at a later stage, thus greatly simplifying the workload/GAS costs of issuing, circulating and transferring certificates.

To be continued.



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