Game NFT’s Core Business-04

3 Community ecology: the communication soil of the platform’s native creation

In the world of the Internet, “community” is almost one of the oldest product forms. Although it has been in the wave of the Internet for a long time, community products have not been considered the most mainstream in the Internet circle. The reason is that the community is too operationally oriented, people like its user loyalty and stickiness, but they dislike it for its low efficiency of hard work.

But in this contradiction, more and more large platforms are clearly emphasizing their own positioning about community. At the same time, because of this positioning, they are given high expectations and valuations by the capital market. This is because capital is well aware of the essence of community: choice and identity, a group of people sharing common values or culture, which leads to a large number of interactive influences and gatherings. A good community tends to have the same ethos, that is, it has a human identity under the same cultural tone. This spirit drives the formation of the community and is amplified by the community — so through the content (discussions, exchanges, other UGC content) produced by users in the community, the snowball grows bigger and the core becomes stronger.

The Game NFT platform hopes that under this mechanism, game products and digital creations will become a way for people in the community to identify with each other, and people will export more quality content because they want to see better game derivative works. Based on this kind of content delivery, the community will make a self-selection, and eventually form its own blockchain cultural atmosphere and identity value, allowing investment enthusiasts to meet more people attracted by the same cultural identity through the community. When this community atmosphere is formed, it will eventually drive the production of quality content. Once this virtuous cycle begins, the community’s culture will continue to grow.

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