GameNFT is about to start the “Dungeon Economy” weapon airdrop on random snapshots of the wallet.

Game NFT
Sep 6, 2021

According to official sources, GameNFT’s first Game+DeFi+NFT sandbox game “Dungeon Economy” will be launched soon, hereby selected from September 8th 0:00 to September 10th 23:59 (UTC+8) Take a random snapshot of the number of wallet GNFT holdings, and airdrop weapons to users who hold a certain number of GNFTs. Among them:

GNFT≥2000, airdrop Silver blind box;
GNFT≥5000, airdrop Diamond blind box.

Weapons are an important part of the weapon era of “Dungeon Economy”. Users can use weapons to hunt monsters to obtain GNFT. At the same time, weapons, as NFT assets in the game, can also be traded in the NFT trading section.

Stay tuned!