GameNFT’s first game “Dungeon Economy” will be launched on 13th September!

Game NFT
Sep 10, 2021


Official Announcement!

GameNFT’s first game Dungeon Economy will be officially launched on 13th September!

Game online countdown: 3 days!

As the world’s first decentralized economy sandbox game based on GAME+DEFI+NFT, Dungeon Economy creates a deflationary virtual world.

A dual mining mode of liquidity + “demon hunting” will be on once the game is released.

Dungeon Economy is a monster-based system, in this game, the “monster” is the gold in the dungeon, the “hero” is the miner, the “weapon” is the pickaxe, and “hunting and killing monsters” is mining!

Game NFT is a game distribution platform in GameFi track and is committed to becoming the Steam in the GameFi field.

Stay tuned! Come and have fun on 13th September!