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3 min readMay 31, 2021


For our first product, we hope it has a certain depth of entertainment, but also meets most of the expectations of NFT games, and leads a good starting point for the future NFT ecology of StarPalace platform. Among a batch of self-developed NFT game products, we chose the first product, the “Tales of Heroes”, as follows.

Tales of Heroes

“Tales of Heroes” is a role-playing game that combines Roguelike dungeon exploration with hero development. Players take on the role of chosen brave men who explore the demon-infested towers, collect equipment and contract beasts, and challenge the evil army. The game has a rich PVE story line and a balanced PVP matchmaking system. Players can choose from a single-player storyline based on the main tower, or a 3 VS N mode to climb the leaderboard, and visit the towers of their friends to enhance interaction in their spare time.

“Tales of Heroes” is a product that, in our perception, naturally has a perfect NFT survival environment: exploring, collecting, growing, trading, and the player’s rewards from various actions in the game — including equipment, props, materials, and other assets — will be transformed from official data in the server to the player’s free will with the support of the NFT mechanism. These assets are created in the game, nurtured by players, and recognized by the game and investment enthusiasts through the StarPalace platform, and start to circulate normally in the ecosystem and increase in value.

Tales of Heroes

Likewise, the game allows the player to import NFT equipment acquired from others at any time and continue his demon hunting adventure. This means: the player really owns his digital assets in the game. Rare equipment (and possibly titles/heroes in the future) will greatly increase the value of that NFT. The NFTization of “Tales of Heroes” makes it possible for players to truly profit from it.

A few thoughts on the future of this product and other NFT games on the shelves:

Since the introduction of NFT into the gaming market, players can take ownership of certain unique or extremely rare items, which is actually similar to the setup of many games themselves:

① In a confrontation, the first team to destroy the other team will receive a special reward;

② The first 1000 players to participate in an event will receive a special reward, which is limited to a limited time and will not be available again;

③ A very rare card/character will be drawn with a very small probability when drawing cards;

④ Rare weapons, items or character skins in the game; and

⑤ Even some of the competitive games can sell some great scenes of star team wins to players for them to commemorate the history.

We’ll be imagining more fun and friendly ways to experience the true power of NFT games in the future. The potential use cases for “Tales of Heroes” and future games are endless.

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