Issuance Distribution Mechanism of Stars Token

The Stars token will be issued to maximize market interest. We will prioritize trading on decentralized exchanges and ensure that Stars tokens have sufficient initial upside, depending on the actual situation at that time. In the early stages of the project, the development team will have decision-making power in order to make decisions more efficient. As the ecosystem improves, the decision making power will gradually shift to the community.

Total number of tokens issued: 300,000,000 (300 million)

Functions: platform rewards, game incubation, community governance, cross-chain cooperation, etc.

Output distribution mechanism:

Stars distribution mechanism.

1. Early-stage investors and institutions holding: 12.00%

This proportion of the Stars token is a value return to the early investors and the lead institution.

2. Marketing operation: 10.00%

This proportion will be used for the pre-launch marketing campaign for Stars, as well as to give back to the community support to ensure the smooth running of the marketing operation.

3. Development team holding: 15.00%

The development team holds a certain number of Stars tokens as a reward for their efforts and to ensure market stability in the price of the token. The team can always use this amount to stabilize the market.

4. Platform NFT Game Eco Incentive: 63.00%

This proportion is used to provide rewards and liquidity for NFT game products (including self-developed and agency cooperation) under Game NFT platform, which will greatly improve the user activity and flow data of NFT games. The methods of acquisition include but not limited to: incentive for active users of NFT sales and transactions on the platform, minting NFT assets and uploading them to the chain, cross-project linkage to participate in liquidity mining, etc.

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