Netvrk CMO Daniel Kennedy Officially Appointed As Game NFT Consultant

Game NFT
1 min readAug 30, 2021

On 30th August, Daniel Kennedy, the CMO of Netvrk, was officially appointed as Game NFT consultant.

Daniel Kennedy has been working in cryptocurrency field in the USA since 2016. Before that he had been working in the field of real estate, finance, and music and entertainment.

Daniel is currently the founder of Blockchains PR and CMO of Netvrk.

He, with rich experience in brand public relationship, has been in deep cooperation with well-known projects such as Kylin, Polygon, Game starter, etc.

In addition, Daniel has been paying close attention to the development of the chain game industry.

Game NFT is committed to establishing the most influential decentralized pan-entertainment NFT product distribution and trading platform.

The world’s first decentralized economy sandbox game “Dungeon Economy” based on GAME+DEFI+NFT will also be officially launched soon in the near future.

Welcome Daniel!