Official Rules of Dungeons Economy

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2 min readSep 8, 2021

GNFT Liquidity Mining Details

1. Daily mining output: 5000 GNFT/day, for 90 days, 450,000 GNFT in total

2. Liquidity Mining Pool: GNFT-BNB CAKE-V2 LP

3. Mining Calculation: total mining reward of one user= the user’s staking amount/total staking amount*mining pool output*Hash rate

DEC Inviting Reward

1. DEC is BEP20 token. The total quantity is 1 million.

2. Output: DEC is generated according to the number of GNFT one has mined. When the invitee withdraws earnings, the inviter gets a certain amount of DEC as well: 10% for the direct inviter and 5% for the last inviter. For example, user A invites user B and user B invites user C. When C collects 100 GNFT, B gets 10 DEC and A gets 5 DEC, and the DEC is automatically paid to the wallet through the agreement.

3. The inviters themselves must participate in mining to collect the DEC reward.

4. Use of DEC: merge weapons, and upgrade weapons.

5. The DEC consumed by heroes will go into the research fund of the platform.

Weapons Synthesis and Hash Rate

Weapons Synthesis and Hash Rate

About Legendary Blade

The Legendary Blade is a top-level weapon, a rare prop from the first era of the dungeon and is an NFT based on the BEP-1155 mechanism on the BSC chain. Users who own the Legendary Blade will have the right to receive one-sixth of all the earnings of the dungeon (the GNFT income of the dungeon is divided equally through the agreement to users who have the Legendary Blade).

Dungeon Economy Dividend Sources and Rules

  1. Earnings collection: When collecting earnings, 10% of the mining proceeds are subtracted into the dungeon dividend pool.
  2. Weapon upgrade: GNFT daily consumption is divided equally into 6 parts stored in the funding pool. The funding pool constantly accumulates funds before sharing dividends. When 5 heroes have obtained the Legendary Blade the fund will begin to equally share the first GNFT in the pool on a daily basis (the second part of GNFT in the funding pool will be shared in the second era, and so on.)
Official Rules of Dungeon Economy