StarPalace Project Vision

The original aspiration of StarPalace is to bring fun NFT games to players, to find people who like games and are eager to master digital assets for NFT developers, and the long-term goal is to establish a global and active NFT game aggregation ecology, so that players can download games, buy games, recommend games, evaluate games, buy and sell digital NFT, participate in game mining, play games with players around the world, and jointly discover and create games. It can also provide developers with a good feedback mechanism. Players can exchange views with players directly through trial play, testing and other ways to promote the improvement of the game, and create a reputation for the game.

Once the platform has lived through the early development period, the governance mechanism of “Foundation + Distributed Community” will be adopted in the future to solve the development and operation problems fairly, efficiently and without friction. At the same time, we will focus on creating a complete NFT game package for more developers who are still outside the circle, providing a standard application program interface (API) that developers can use to integrate various functions into their own game products and share content through the StarPalace community.

Finally, it is our hope that on the premise of NFT games, StarPalace can build a variety of NFT creation and sharing channels, where all of presenting forms including art, music, art, movies are ways that we expect to show to users.

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