Successful Completion of GNFT IDO! ! !

Congratulations on the successful completion of GNFT IDO! ! !

After 37 seconds of panic buying, the GNFT IDO subscription is officially over!

Attention ️️️!!!
1. Add the contract address of the purchased user: 0xd32af8BeE4095A84e258a82B512356dFC0A7D2C0, check your own GNFT, and users who have not grabbed it should not be discouraged. GNFT expects to go online to a decentralized exchange tonight and wait for the official notification!
2. The official has not added any liquidity pool at present, please do not join the pool for trading, otherwise it will cause asset loss, and we are not responsible for it! (The official pool will be announced as soon as the addition is completed)

Game NFT is the game distribution platform of the GameFi track, and is committed to becoming the Steam in the GameFI field, with unprecedented popularity! A total of 10 million GNFT: 5% to add liquidity; 10% to airdrops; 15% of the team’s lock-up for 6 months and linear release in the next 24 months; 17% of Game NFT ecological equity rewards; 43% of game output (Play to Earn ); 10% IDO sells 1 million pieces.

At present, many centralized exchanges have communicated and launched GNFT, please pay attention to the official news in time!


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