What To Expect In Game NFT’s First-Ever Product, Tales of Heroes

Tales of Heroes offers intense entertainment to community members while ensuring to meet the definition of NFT games and promote them. Game NFT is creating an ecosystem that gaming and NFT lovers can coverage create awesome games, have fun with existing games and create memories. The first-ever gaming product on Game NFT is the “Tales of Heroes”.

Tales of Heroes is designed to be a role-playing game that offers users the opportunity to act as a hero in a Roguelike dungeon. The players are permitted to choose hero characters and explore the mythical land of demons. They can enter into towers, fight the evil army, access weapons and do much more. An intense PVE storyline and a balanced PVP matchmaking mechanism are incorporated into the gaming structure. Players are allowed to either explore the world individually or team up with like minds. They can easily use the VSN mode to explore the leaderboard. That is not all, as they are allowed to interact with friends when the visit the towers owned by their friends.

Role-playing fans have a game designed for them that incorporates NFTs. They can easily explore an environment that is different from what they are used to. This ecosystem has the perfect NFT survival environment, which incorporates exploring, collecting, growing, trading, and the player’s rewards from various actions in the game.

Gamers can create their NFT weapons and other digital assets in the gaming ecosystem. Players are allowed to trade or exchange their NFT digital assets to other players in the ecosystem. It is easy for players to bid for the NFT assets of their counterparts and import them if the bid was accepted. Players own their NFT weapons and can decide to sell to whomever they want in the ecosystem. Rare NFT weapons will be highly demanded and likely rise in value.


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