Why Is A Stars Eco-Token Needed?

We are convinced that human behavior is essentially economic and that any of its actions are economically motivated. Through StarPalace Eco-Token Stars, we hope to form a new economic system supported by a platform that will manage and balance all the economic models promoted and operated by StarPalace.


A good economic system is important in that its data model should support the security and sustainability of the platform network, while also benefiting all participants in the network, including validators, stakeholders and users, and enabling the platform to grow healthily.

Stars play an integral role in the StarPalace system. First of all, with the support of the Stars economy, we can consider the act of playing (logging in, going online, completing specific goals) as mining itself, which is part of the ecological incentive. In addition, coin holders can receive occasional profit dividends and airdrops of candy from different games online, which can also provide a constant motivation and incentive for community autonomy and enjoy the related benefits.

The StarPalace Foundation will be able to significantly reduce the amount of Stars in the market, and keep an eye on the market value of Stars in the secondary market to maintain the healthy operation of the market. Of course, Stars will also become the lowest asset in StarPalace’s open pan-entertainment industry, contributing to the establishment of StarPalace’s ecology.

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